The Story of TeeShoppen

At TeeShoppen, we meld first-rate fashion with affordability.

Established in 2018 by Benjamin Philip Knudsen, TeeShoppen was born from his vision to redefine quality fashion not just in Denmark, but globally. With over a decade immersed in the fashion industry, Benjamin recognised early on the discontent stemming from exorbitant prices and ill-fitting, albeit stylish, attire. His ambition? To harmonise top-notch quality with approachable pricing. Benjamin's passion has always been rooted in fostering value, particularly when it translates to enriching the customer experience. So, what catalysed the inception of TeeShoppen? It traces back to the ethos of its founder - Benjamin Philip Knudsen.



About Benjamin Philip Knudsen

At just 25, Benjamin Philip Knudsen's entrepreneurial spirit is deeply rooted. A native of Aalborg, Denmark, his first venture into business came at the tender age of ten, where he joyfully sold Coca-Cola and treats from his very own 'kiosk' to the local kids. This early endeavour signalled his latent aspiration: to one day helm a substantial, self-founded enterprise.

School, for Benjamin, was often a backdrop to his dreams. While peers obsessed over conjugated verbs or looming deadlines, Benjamin's mind wandered to business blueprints. So much so, that by 13, he had already launched his brand, "Duck Denmark", which quickly garnered a local youth following. Thanks to his brother's vacant attic, it became the hub of his fledgling operation.

At 16, life whisked him away to Geilenkirchen in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, a move prompted by familial obligations. Yet, this relocation serendipitously expanded his horizons. Suddenly, his circle spanned diverse nationalities, and the concept of a global business seemed not just viable, but inevitable. This German sojourn, albeit brief, infused him with international perspectives.

A year on, Benjamin resettled in Denmark, resuming his passion project, Duck Denmark. By 19, he had secured a brick-and-mortar presence for the brand, propelling it to new heights.

In Denmark, renowned underground rappers began to take note of Benjamin's brand, catapulting its success among the youth. However, while Duck Denmark enjoyed local acclaim, Benjamin aspired for a broader horizon. Eager to leverage his extensive international network, he envisioned his brand on the shelves of major players like Karmaloop and Butler. With this ambition in mind, Benjamin decided to sell Duck Denmark, redirecting his focus towards the dream he initially set out to achieve.


In 2014, Benjamin launched TeeShoppen in Denmark. From its inception, he has been committed to offering Danes quality clothing at reasonable prices. TeeShoppen has cultivated a unique blend of urban fashion with a Nordic touch, drawing on years of industry knowledge. This foundation allowed the brand to collaborate with the most talented tailors and designers. As TeeShoppen's vision expanded, so did its product line, introducing a fashion range for women, catering to a broader audience.

TeeShoppen centres on a simplistic yet chic design, boasting a perfect fit that has delighted over 1.000,000 customers since 2014, both online and at its contemporary storefront in Aalborg.

Quality insurance

Benjamin frequently travels to factories in China, ensuring that production occurs under favourable conditions and that the workers are well-treated. He also personally oversees product quality to guarantee that customers receive top-tier items. Over time, he has forged friendships with the factory staff, and they've developed a tradition: with each visit, they explore China together, be it rafting on its rivers, driving a Range Rover through the desert, or indulging in Chinese culinary delights.

Establishment of TeeShoppen 

After achieving remarkable success in Denmark, TeeShoppen began to make its mark internationally, demonstrating that a simple design paired with a perfect fit is versatile for any occasion. In October 2018, Benjamin took TeeShoppen global. He is adamant that not only should Danes have access to high-quality, affordably priced attire, but they should also invest in comfort. This minimalist design caters to all age groups and seamlessly complements any fashion ensemble. Now, TeeShoppen has established its presence in the German, British, American, and Swedish markets. Here at TeeShoppen, we eagerly await the opportunity to share our chic products with anyone seeking simplistic style paired with unparalleled comfort.

Fast delivery and 101 day return policy

Once you've placed your order with TeeShoppen, we strive to ensure you receive your latest purchases swiftly, allowing you to enjoy your new items without delay. Consequently, we only dispatch using renowned and reputable delivery services such as FedEx, Royal Mail, Hermes, and DHL. Delivery time is typically just 4-6 days, and should you find any dissatisfaction with your purchase, we offer a generous 101-day return policy. This ensures you have ample time to decide if the product truly meets your expectations.

We hope you have a pleasant day!