Privacy Policy


I. Introduction

In our commitment to maintaining the utmost integrity, TeeShoppen ensures that all our esteemed patrons are provided with comprehensive knowledge regarding our data acquisition, processing, and utilization processes. The act of accepting TeeShoppen's terms of purchase implicitly denotes adherence to our overarching privacy and cookie protocols. Yet, we endeavor to maintain absolute clarity in these domains.

II. Definition of Personal Data

Personal data refers to any data that could, either directly or indirectly, facilitate the identification of an individual.

III. Data Controllers and Processors

Personal data is under the guardianship and processing authority of:

  • TeeShoppen
  • TeeRetail ApS
  • Corporate Registration (CVR): 35659307
  • Location: C. W. Obels Pl. 16, 9000 Aalborg, Denmark
  • For direct electronic communication, please reach out to us.

All collected data is an essential part of our business framework. As such, its treatment aligns with the stringent guidelines of the GDPR Personal Data Regulation. This document serves to illuminate the nature and modalities of our data handling. For inquiries, contact us directly.

IV. Data Acquisition and Utilization

Upon transacting via our portal, we acquire the following personal details: first name, surname, residential address, electronic mail address, IP address, contact number, and purchased items.

Your explicit endorsement of our terms, via our payment portals, is a mandatory prerequisite for data processing. By consenting to these terms, you verify your adherence to age-related requirements as set forth by the European Union.

Notice: By navigating to "Go to Payment", you hereby accord acceptance of TeeShoppen's (Noodle Firm ApS) terms of purchase, simultaneously affirming your authority to grant personal data privileges in consonance with prevailing legislation.

V. Purpose and Procedure of Data Handling

TeeShoppen, operating under Noodle Firm ApS, gathers, preserves, and manages data primarily to facilitate the completion of purchases. This data encompasses product details, residential address, and payment methodology. The rationale behind such data handling is to facilitate seamless transactions.

Your data plays a pivotal role in ensuring product deliveries, payment confirmations, and safeguarding against potential credit malfeasance. Occasionally, data might undergo anonymized evaluation for customer feedback endeavors to enhance our digital outreach.

We staunchly safeguard your personal information, vowing never to utilize it beyond the realms explicitly mentioned in this policy.

VI. Data Protection Measures

Through the utilization of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) interface, TeeShoppen (Noodle Firm ApS) ensures that your data remains encrypted during online transactions. Credit details are exclusively processed by SSL-enabled financial bodies. Our in-house data handling procedures emphasize stringent adherence to security policies, thereby guaranteeing data confidentiality and legal compliance.

Only those personnel integral to processing your purchase will access your data, ensuring no third-party access.

Having endorsed our terms and, by extension, this privacy policy, your data remains preserved for the period deemed necessary. As a stakeholder, you retain the right to procure, amend, or delete your data from our repositories.

VII. Cookie Policy

TeeShoppen (Noodle Firm ApS) harnesses cookies to optimize the user experience on our platform. These digital files, devoid of personal data, are stored on your computer during site visits. We deploy both proprietary and third-party cookies. Some are essential for website functionality, while others aid in user behavior analysis, demographic assessments, and marketing endeavors in legally compliant regions.

Should you decline cookie usage via browser settings, certain site functionalities may be compromised.

VIII. Data Sharing and Third-Party Integration

Specific cookie data may be shared with select partners for analytical objectives. Examples include:

  • Analyzes age and gender metrics.
  • Google Analytics: Evaluates site navigation patterns.
  • Facebook: Assesses website activity.
  • LinkedIn: Monitors website interactions.
  • Klaviyo: Disseminates product updates.
  • Clerk.uio: Collects product preference data.
  • Quick Pay: Facilitates payments.
  • Paypal: Enables transactions.
  • Klarna: Oversees payments.

IX. Revisions to the Privacy Policy

TeeShoppen (Noodle Firm ApS) retains the autonomy to amend this Privacy Policy in alignment with legal mandates or procedural updates. Any modifications will be updated herein.

Date of Last Revision: June 7, 2023.